The Hilarious ‘WWE 2K17’ Glitches Are Finally Here, And They Were Worth The Wait

Another year, another WWE 2K game release. We’ve finally made it through to the other side of all the leaks and teasers and rollouts and very fantastic interviews, and we’ve finally gotten our grubby hands on WWE 2K17. Many of us are enjoying playing through career mode, or recreating a perfect WCW clone, or downloading Batman to the game, or whatever. But ALL of us are enjoying the glitches that are beginning to trickle out. With every game, there are glitches. It’s just that the WWE game glitches are always SO CHOICE.

To wit:

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Goldberg?

I dunno about all of you, but when I started to get into heavy metal in junior high, my parents warned me about the dangers of headbanging. Heath Slater is here to present a very important PSA: headbanging will only exacerbate any head injuries you might have. Don’t celebrate. Not even once.

Let’s take a moment to talk about poor Neville, shall we? The guy has gone from the Man That Gravity Forgot to the guy that WWE forgot when they created a cruiserweight division, and in the below glitch, he’s now graduated to the man that the game forgot just from one location to the next.

And man, if that weren’t enough, now his cape is gaining Spawn-like sentience and threatening to consume him.

Poor dude just can’t catch a break.

One of the more trustworthy glitches people have found is that attempting to dive off a crate in the backstage hallway can lead to some rather unfortunate mishaps … like getting your head stuck in a bookshelf.

And it’s not just Triple H getting his head caught in a bookcase, either! Look at poor Naomi’s lifeless body. Poor Naomi.

And sometimes … just sometimes … when Samoa Joe and a trash can love each other very much, their bodies can become fused in an unholy amalgamation that causes hyper-speed and temporal displacement.

Tale as old as time, really. Thank you once again, 2K, for bringing so much joy into our lives in so many different ways.