You Will Finally Be Able To Play A WWE Video Game On A Nintendo System Again

07.10.17 9 months ago 5 Comments


We’re only just beginning to ramp up to the release of WWE 2K18, but we already know the cover athlete and we know what the pre-order bonus playable character is going to be (spoiler: it isn’t Doink, sadly). We also know that there is going to be an all-new announce team, and other assorted new bells and whistles. In the weeks and months to come, we can expect special edition announcements, roster reveals, and generally nonstop hype as we get ready to play this year’s installment for ourselves.

When 2K18‘s cover and release date were first announced, there was only word of the game being available for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Since this is the first 2K game to be released exclusively on the current generation of consoles (sorry, PS3 loyalists), there was a lot of speculation as to whether the game would be available for the most recently-released console, the Nintendo Switch.

As it turns out, yes!

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