Here Are All Of The Legends That Will Appear In ‘WWE 2K19’

Associate Editor
09.12.18 4 Comments

2K Sports has taken its time unveiling all of the wrestlers that will be available for gamers to use in WWE 2K19. A series of videos on the WWE 2K YouTube account — featuring Lana, Rusev, and a rotating cast of other wrestlers — have brought gamers through everyone who will be playable, from current superstars to a selection of names from the past.

The latest video features Cesaro and Shamus joining Lana and Rusev, with the group going through the final series of wrestlers in the game. This time, it’s a much larger collection of legends, with names like Steve Austin, Dusty Rhodes (who Rusev says is the reason he and Lana were paired up and, eventually, got married), and many more appearing.

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