Adidas Announced Its WWE Partnership With A Stone Cold Steve Austin Edition Of The Dame 6

If you want a pair of these sneakers, gimme a hell yeah.

Shoe kings adidas announced an official partnership with pro wrestling giant WWE via a Stone Cold Steve Austin edition of the Dame 6. The new design draws inspiration from the WWE Hall of Famer (one of Damian Lillard’s favorite wrestlers) with a “synthetic snakeskin” upper with gold and blue accents, as well as broken glass and a skull on the sockliner. And, in case you miss all of that, there’s also a giant 3:16 on the sides. As a reminder, the Book of Austin contains the Holy Bible’s only verse about Stone Cold Steve Austin whipping your ass.

You can get your first look at the sneaks below.


Lillard is set to debut the shoes during his tunnel entrance prior to Thursday night’s Portland Trail Blazers game shortly before rocking them on-court on TNT. adidas notes that the partnership is going both ways, and says to, “check out Kofi Kingston during Sunday’s Royal Rumble.” Can a shoe brand partnership finally give Kofi that Royal Rumble win he’s deserved for years? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Until then, feel free to imagine these are the shoes you’re wearing when you drive a zamboni into work, fill your evil boss’s car with concrete, and defeat one of your 7-foot tall co-workers by burying them alive.