Someone Turned WWE Commentary Into Animated Cartoons And It’s Perfect


This is certainly a hot week for the WWE Universe. Daniel Bryan is back, Ultimate Deletion was delightful, and Elias is maybe releasing an album. Not to mention that WrestleMania is so, so close. But we’re still combing the internet for other weird wrestling tidbits, and we’re extremely excited about this one.

It comes courtesy of Nick Murray Willis who dabbles in — in his words — “Visual-Audio tomfoolery from movies, sports and TV shows.” Basically, he takes short audio clips and animates them for our amusement. He’s done famous movie lines, basketball and football commentary, and as of this week — WWE!

Before you watch this, sit back, close your eyes, and think about famous lines on WWE commentary that you’d love to see animated. There’s a good chance you’re getting what you want at some point here.

My personal favorite is the old lady in the XXX store picking up some BDSM gear and not understanding what it is. Shout-out to all the elderly people who do know what BDSM is and shoutout to Nick Murray Willis for doing such a bang up job on this concept.

Some humble suggestions for a sequel:

  • Someone walking through a crowded room to Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse me”
  • The end of the Jeff Hardy/Undertaker match when Jeff was “inches from immortality”
  • Anything that makes Jerry Lawler’s “Puppies” less creepy

That last one might be a tall order. But regardless, we want more!