WWE’s Asuka Has A New Video Game YouTube Channel


Long before she won the first Women’s Royal Rumble, WWE Superstar Asuka was a graphic designer and a video game journalist. Now she’s showing off her design skills and love of video games with a new YouTube channel, KanaChanTV.

Asuka hinted that this project was coming for a few days, posting some pictures of her game room and of her designing the channel’s logo and banner image.

Yesterday, Asuka uploaded her first video to the channel that shares her former ring name. She does some successful speed runs of Super Mario Maker 2 and with impressively bilingual narration, switching back and forth between English and Japanese. There’s no video of the former Smackdown Women’s Champion, though it sounds like there will be in future videos, but the viewer still gets a clear sense of the goofier side of one of WWE’s most intimidating women’s champions.

Asuka joins the likes of Sheamus (Celtic Warrior Workouts), Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville (Damandyz Donutz), and Xavier Woods (Up Up Down Down) on the list of current WWE Superstars with YouTube channels. Though KanaChanTV has the same basic subject matter as Woods’ channel (video games), on which Asuka has been a guest several times, it looks like Asuka’s channel could easily have a successful life of its own. Now, when is she going to get back to having matches on PPV?