WWE Fans Were Not Happy With The Backlash Main Event

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05.07.18 69 Comments

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We know what you’re thinking. “WWE fans aren’t happy with any main event!” And hey, while that may be true, at least most WWE pay-per-view main events don’t include chants of “beat the traffic” and “this is boring,” and don’t feature most of the arena leaving to do the first thing because of the second.

In case you missed it, Sunday night’s Backlash event ended with Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe; a match with nothing on the line between guys on different shows, going on two matches after a no disqualification bout for the WWE Championship. Add to that the fact that the show was half an hour past when everyone expected it to end and the already iffy response to Roman Reigns and his lengthy PPV epics and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

The most telling part may have been the reaction to the finish, in which — spoiler alert if you’ve never watched wrestling before — Roman Reigns passed out in Samoa Joe’s Coquina Clutch, but miraculously came back to life all of a sudden and pinned him.

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