WWE Might Be Bringing Back The Boogeyman, Who Is Coming To Getcha

Since the recent WWE brand split, the company has welcomed back a number of former talents (or intended to) in order to fill out the Raw and Smackdown rosters. They’ve introduced the cruiserweight division, called up a whole bunch of NXT talents and brought back people like Brian Kendrick and Curt Hawkins. They also intended to bring back Shelton Benjamin, before Benjamin unfortunately suffered an injury that has delayed his return. The company reportedly reached out to a large number of talents, and Kurt Angle has even gone on record as saying he expects to be back in WWE next year. But now there’s a new name making the rumor rounds … one that few people probably expected: The Boogeyman.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Boogeyman, he was in WWE from 2005 to 2009 and has made very sporadic appearances since 2012. His deal is that he is literally the boogeyman, that he wears a human heart around his neck, hits himself in the head with a clock and eats worms. It’s sort of a high-concept character. Also, he once failed to terrify Donald Trump.

Anyway, according to Wrestling Inc., “at least two” independent wrestling promotions attempted to book the Boogeyman (booky-man) for December and January and were told he was unable to work those dates, because he is preparing for a WWE return. Please keep in mind that these are unconfirmed rumors, but I mean … it’s the Boogeyman. Why would the Boogeyman’s people make things up? (Also, does the Boogeyman have people? Or does he just answer the phone not doing the Boogeyman voice?)

So get ready for your favorite mythical clock-smashing, worm-snarfing bad boy to be back on your televisions. Get excited?