Lucha Underground’s Brian Cage Claims WWE Never Viewed Him As A Star

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11.23.16 4 Comments

Since the very beginning of Lucha Underground, one of the promotion’s top stars has been Brian Cage, also known as They Call Him Cage. He’s been involved in some of the most brutal matches in the promotion and has parlayed his popularity on the indies and in Lucha Underground to become a big star in Mexico as well. But the one-of-a-kind big man was under a WWE developmental contract way back in 2008 and 2009, and since his rise on the indies, he’s led many to wonder how WWE could have missed the boat on him.

In an interview with Channel Guide Mag, WWE never considered him a boat worth missing out on when he was under contract. More of a dinghy, I guess.

“Everyone asks me why I’m not at WWE or why TNA didn’t sign me,” Cage said.

“I’ve always been a guy who shows up. I’m not one to say, ‘Oh, I wish they have given me the ball.’ I’m out in the end zone with my hands in the air with my hands up saying give me the damn ball, and I’ll run end zone to end zone. Lucha has let me be myself and given me a decent push to show my talent.

“I feel like when I first started out I was similar size and felt I was good. I felt like I looked like a star from the get-go and worked pretty well. I feel like even when I was in developmental with WWE they never saw me as a star, so I would always have to put everyone over. People say wins and losses don’t’ matter. Yeah, they kind of do in a way because Hulk Hogan wouldn’t have been Hulk Hogan had he lost all his matches. You’re not going to be selling a lot of merchandise if you are losing all your matches. So it kind of irritated me that someone would think I wasn’t capable of the job. Now I’m getting this time to shine and let loose.”

It also turns out that one of WWE’s most recent signees, former German soccer player Tim Wiese, is now being billed as “The Machine.” Cage is uh … less than ecstatic about that! He pulled no punches in talking about Wiese, even goofing on his ring attire.

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