Goldberg And Brock Lesnar Finally Came Face To Face On WWE Raw

In just a handful of days, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are going to fight at Survivor Series. The rematch is pulling Bill Goldberg out of retirement, 12 years after his last match … which was also against Lesnar, at WrestleMania XX. Ever since Goldberg was revealed as a playable character in WWE 2K17, he has been clamoring for this match, but the ball really started rolling with an ESPN interview in early October, where Goldberg more-or-less challenged Lesnar. Paul Heyman appeared on the following week’s Raw, reverse-double-challenging-no-backsies Goldberg to … respond? Things sort of went like that from there, the match was made official, and so on, but the two had not actually been in the same arena together … until Monday night’s episode of Raw.

The confrontation began as the second hour of Raw ended and the third hour began. Mick Foley had called for extra security guards earlier in the night, and they stood shoulder-to-shoulder in a diagonal line, splitting the ring in half to try and limit the physicality between Lesnar and Goldberg. Lesnar entered first, with Paul Heyman, and then Goldberg made his customary long walk to the ring.

Heyman kept trying to speak, but Goldberg cut him off, asking the security guards to leave the ring so he and Lesnar could fight. Heyman said the guards were there for Goldberg’s protection, not Lesnar’s. Heyman ran down the list of people Lesnar has beaten, but Goldberg countered with the fact he beat Lesnar in their first match, and said it must tear Lesnar up inside.

Goldberg took offense to Lesnar’s comments about his family last week and said the next time either of them insults his family, he’s going to rip Heyman’s head off.

Heyman gave one last chance to give up his fantasy of fighting Lesnar, and offered to find him a suitable replacement at Survivor Series. Golderg ripped his shirt off and Heyman warned him that he was agitating Lesnar. Heyman promised he would be conquered at Survivor Series. Lesnar shoved down two of the security cards and Heyman insulted Goldberg’s family again, so Goldberg snapped and cleared the ring of the security guards.

Lesnar stood on the ring apron and Goldberg dared him to get in the ring, but Lesnar decided to leave instead.

Goldberg posed in the ring as the crowd cheered, and now it’ll all come down to Sunday and the Survivor Series.