WWE’s Carmella Talks About The Journey From NXT To ‘Total Divas’ And Beyond

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With the seventh season of Total Divas now in full swing, we’re getting pretty familiar with all the new players this time around. One of the new cast members this year is Carmella, whose significant other, Big Cass, is also along for the ride. Carmella has been known to WWE fans since 2014, when she made her debut as a hairdresser friend of Cass and Enzo Amore. She was called up to Smackdown in 2016 and has been kicking butt ever since.

We recently got a chance to talk to the reigning Miss Money in the Bank about being on a reality show, being a second generation Superstar, and a whole lot more.

WITH SPANDEX: Hi, Carmella. How you doin’?

Carmella: I’m doing fabulous. Thank you. How about yourself?

I’m good, thank you. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. So, Total Divas, obviously the best show in the history of mankind, my favorite show —


I’m really happy that you’re on there now. I’m happy about all the new cast members. What has the transition been like? Has it been hard to adapt to now being on this show in addition to WWE television?

So basically, having no time I guess to go home, or to myself. This job that we already have is so time consuming. We’re always on the road. And then when we’re shooting Total Divas, we’re filming on our off days, which we only get about two days, or two and a half to three days off. So, gosh, it was an adjustment. But having the girls to film with and just kind of rely on, and knowing that okay, they’ve done this before … And it’s doable, don’t get me wrong. But it was just a lot at first. So I was like, “Whoa, what am I doing right now?”

What are you enjoying the most about being on Total Divas?

I think it’s just a great opportunity for us women to keep promoting this women’s revolution. And this is such an amazing time for women in WWE, so to be able to share that and share our experiences with the Total Divas and E! audience is amazing. And you know, the first two episodes show the Money in the Bank ladder match, and for them to get an idea of just how dangerous this match was, and how high risk it was, and for the women to be involved in something like this for the first time ever, it’s really cool.

I feel very lucky and blessed because now, I mean, I made history twice with winning this match and being the first-ever Miss Money in the Bank. And now, it’s out there forever. Now, it’s documented. It is a part of history. And I think it’s really cool that the audience got to see that.

In the first episode of Total Divas this season, we introduced Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax, and then there was this big tease that your introduction would be when you won the Money in the Bank. I was surprised that we didn’t really get into all of the backlash about James Ellsworth helping you.

I know. You know what, I guess it’s only an hour-long show. So it’s hard to get everything in that episode and in each episode. And I don’t know if they maybe would necessarily, if the E! audience, if it would translate, as far as like what an uproar it caused. So I’m not quite sure why that that wasn’t in there. But at the end of the day, it was all about Carmella. And that’s all they need to know.

But what was that experience like for you to go through this historical match and then be met with that for an entire week before the second Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Gosh, the fans always have something to say. They’re never happy with anything. I could’ve won it the way I won it the second time the first time, and I feel like they still would’ve been upset with it. So, I personally loved it. I loved the controversy. I never like to do anything little. Everything I do, I need it to be big and above and beyond. And it caused such a controversy and such a stir. And it had people talking, and at the end of the day, that’s all we can ask for; people are talking about the pay-per-view, they’re talking about the match. I loved every minute of it.

And then you and the other women got to beat up James Ellsworth every night in Europe.

Exactly. And you know if it wasn’t for that, who knows? We [were] having so much fun in Europe, and the crowd is loving every single night. He would come out and they hated him, along with our girls. So it’s been a lot of fun.

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