The Undertaker Returned At Elimination Chamber To Continue His WrestleMania Feud With AJ Styles

Looming over the No DQ match between AJ Styles and Aleister Black at Elimination Chamber was Styles’ previously established feud with The Undertaker. When Taker defeated Styles to win the prestigious Tuwaiq Mountain Trophy Gauntlet Match at Super Showdown, it was clear the Deadman and the Phenomenal One had started down the road to a WrestleMania match.

Styles had pinned Black in an Undertaker-esque manner on last week’s episode of Raw and he taunted the former WWE Champion a few times during his match with Black, attempting to hit Taker’s signature tombstone piledriver. That didn’t immediately draw out the Deadman, but he showed up when it would hurt Styles the most.

You can watch how that played out here:

The match boiled down to Aleister Black trying and failing to take on the whole O.C. three-on-one. Just when it looked like the end was imminent, the lights went out and a familiar gong rang through the arena. When the lights turned back on, The Undertaker was in the ring choking out Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson at the same. The WWE legend caught a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles and transitioned it into a chokeslam. Then the lights went out again and went they came up, Taker was gone.

With his fellow occult enthusiast having evened the odds, Black hit AJ Styles with a Black Mass kick and won the match. On commentary, Byron Saxton called this, “maybe the biggest win of Aleister Black’s career,” and everyone was reminded that this isn’t the end of the rivalry between Styles and The Undertaker.