WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Elimination Chamber results for March 8, 2020. The show featured two Elimination Chamber matches including one for a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, a handicap match for the Intercontinental Championship match, a Raw Tag Team Championship match, and more. Make sure you’re here tomorrow for the complete Best and Worst of Elimination Chamber ’20 column.

WWE Elimination Chamber Results:

1. Kickoff Match: The Viking Raiders defeated Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. The Raiders won after hitting the Viking Experience on Ryder.

2. Daniel Bryan defeated Drew Gulak by submission after Gulak passed out in the Yes Lock.

3. United States Championship Match: Andrade (c) defeated Humberto Carrillo. Andrade came out on top in a pinfall exchange and held Carrillo’s tights to get the win.

4. Elimination Chamber Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Miz and John Morrison (c) defeated The New Day, The Usos, Heavy Machinery, Lucha House Party, and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Heavy Machinery eliminated Lucha House Party after hitting the Compactor on Gran Metalik. Otis tried to crush Dolph Ziggler against one of the pods, but Ziggler moved and Otis went through the entire pod and ended up on the arena floor. This allowed Robert Roode to hit the Glorious DDT on Tucker to eliminate Heavy Machinery. New Day hit their finishers on Ziggler and Roode, setting up the Usos to hit splashes from the tops of pods to eliminate them. Kofi Kingston tried to dive off the top of a pod onto the Usos, but missed, allowing Miz and Morrison to pin him and eliminate the New Day. Miz and Morrison then won the match with a tandem sunset flip, with Miz’s feet on the ropes.

5. No Disqualification Match: Aleister Black defeated AJ Styles. Black was beaten up by the entire O.C. which prompted The Undertaker to teleport into the ring, take out Gallows and Anderson, chokeslam Styles, and teleport away. Black then hit Black Mass on Styles to win the match. You can watch that here.

6. Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits (c) defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy. The Viking Raiders showed up to counter attempted interference from the AOP. Kevin Owens entered through the crowd while eating popcorn. He threw popcorn in Rollins’ face, allowing Dawkins to take out Rollins from behind. The Profits put away Murphy with a spinebuster and a frog splash. After the match, Owens hit a Stunner on Rollins and poured popcorn on Murphy.

7. Handicap Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Braun Strowman. Nakamura hit a Kinshasa to force Strowman’s head into the ring post. The trio followed that up with a double suplex with a Helluva Kick, and Zayn pinned Strowman to win the match for his team and individually win the Intercontinental Championship.

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8. Elimination Chamber Match for a shot at the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania: Shayna Baszler defeated Asuka, Natalya, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Ruby Riott. Baszler eliminated Logan with the Kirifuda Clutch, then quickly did the same to Riott. Baslzer then repeatedly slammed a pod door into Natalya and choked her out as well. Baszler had to wait for the next pod to open, but was able to Kirifuda Clutch Liv Morgan while standing on the ropes in front of Asuka. Baszler then made Asuka pass out in the Clutch to win the match.