Shane McMahon And The Miz Split Up At Fastlane And Who Turned Heel Might Surprise You


Everyone keeping up with WWE knew the “Best in the World” tag team of Shane McMahon and the Miz was doomed to end with a dramatic split. The bonds of sort of co-winning the World Cup at Crowl Jewel and daddy issues could only hold for so long! It seemed like the friendship might turn to a feud after they lost the Smackdown tag team championships at Elimination Chamber, but the Besties ended up sticking together for a rematch against new champs the Usos.

But when they failed to win the titles back at Fastlane in the Miz’s hometown of Cleveland with Mr. Miz watching from ringside and even giving his son questionable wrestling advice, things got very unsportsmanlike and violent.

Unlike most the majority of With Spandex writers, including the one writing this article, predicted, McMahon was the one to turn on the Miz. The sneakerhead attacked the star of the Marine franchise from behind. After ripping the A-Lister’s shirt off and continuing to attack him on the ground, McMahon even turned on THE MIZ’S DAD IN THE AUDIENCE. The despicable attack ended with McMahon triangle-choking the Miz out because he is a real shooter, you guys.

Along with the deserved “I told you so!” comments from those of you who predicted this accurately, let us know: does this mean the Miz’s full babyface turn will include beating up Vince McMahon, and would that be awesome or super awesome?