The Best And Worst Of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble

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Previously on the Best and Worst of Greatest Royal Rumble: Hacksaw Jim Duggan won Saudi Arabia’s first Greatest Royal Rumble back in 1988, outlasting 49 other Superstars including Cowboy Ron Bass, Cowboy Scott Casey, Cowboy Sam Houston and … basically Jim Duggan beat up 50 cowboys, that’s all you need to know. Also, please visit beautiful Saudi Arabia®!

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Here’s the Best and Worst of WWE Greatest Royal Rumble for April 27, 2018.

Worst: Jet Lag The Match

Up first on the Second Best Royal Rumble This Year™ we have a “fantasy match” — specifically not a “dream match,” possibly because we’ve already had this dream fifty times — between “icons” Triple H and John Cena. I’m not sure either guy has truly become an “icon” yet, at least not with the weight that usually gets thrown around, but there’s only so much you can do to hype a match between two guys who have no reason to be fighting besides “they’re both popular” and “they’ve been around for a long time.” It’s the kind of dream fantasy match you expect when the, say, king of a nation gives you tens of millions of dollars to fantasy book his own WrestleMania.

Triple H vs. Cena isn’t “bad,” in the way that it’s almost never outright “bad.” It’s just … Triple H vs. John Cena. It’s a match these two can (and have, and are currently having) have in their sleep. Seriously, if you told Triple H and John Cena to have a match in the middle of an airport while they wait for their connecting flight, they could have this match. Attitude Adjustment! Oh man how did he kick out of that? NOBODY kicks out of the first Attitude Adjustment! Pedigree! Oh man how did he kick out of that? Second Pedigree countered! And then the actual finish, and a Fine Speech about how Saudi Arabia is very warm™ and welcoming™ and gracious®.

If you tuned into Greatest Royal Rumble expecting something other than a six-hour house show aired live on WWE Network, this match was a tutorial on what you should actually expect. It’s two stars going through the motions because those motions work, and everyone in the crowd who isn’t [checks notes] standing up with their back to the ring seems into it. So [shrug]