The Definitive Ratings Of All The Looks From The WWE Hall Of Fame Red Carpet

04.09.18 1 year ago 13 Comments


In my opinion, there are only three good reasons to watch awards shows: to get mad about who wins, musical performances, and the red carpet. Since the demise of the Slammy Awards, the Hall of Fame is the only awards show WWE has, and we know the winners well in advance.

Any musical performances this year will be by Kid Rock or Jeff Jarrett, and I am one million percent not interested in that. That leaves me only fashion. Therefore, I shall proceed to rate every notable look (and #lewk) on the WWE Hall of Fame red carpet out of 10.

Before we begin, let’s pour one out for the absent Dean Ambrose, the highlight of the HOF red carpet for the past few years. I don’t know when someone will top 2017’s definitely sober, “I feel loose. I feel lubed up. I feel like I look stunning. Just a real lady killer walking the red carpet right now,” interview with now-wife Renee Young. Possibly never.

What a legend. Now let’s get judgmental!

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