The Jetsons Robo-WrestleMania And The Warner Bros. Animation WWE Cartoon Crossovers We Need To See

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a great convergence of my life’s two great loves; pro wrestling, and old Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

The first WWE and now Warner Bros. creative merger was 2014’s Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, in which the Scooby Gang went to a live event in WWE City and also a talking, mystery-solving great dane dream-wrestled a giant sandwich that was definitely supposed to represent Brock Lesnar. That was followed by The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown!, about CM Punk boxing a dinosaur and Barney Rubble facing the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. Not a joke. After that was a second Scooby flick that combined WWE, Scooby-Doo and Wacky Races for some reason.

The latest film is The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! It’s a movie about how even 100 years from now, Roman Reigns’ character will be exactly the same, and he’ll still be getting a push. It’s got time travel, people running in fear from robots and everything else you’d want from a dystopian sci-fi thriller. I legitimately love these cartoons, and if you disconnect from the logic of why, say, the Jetsons would need to travel time to get some of an unfrozen future Big Show’s 2016 contemporaries to defeat him instead of like, killing him with robots, you’ll love them too.

That said, I love them so much that I feel compelled to put it out all there and request that they let me, IMDB’s Brandon Stroud, write the next WWE/Warner Bros. joint. To show that nobody is more prepared for this than myself, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 pro graps/Hanna-Barbera projects I’d like to helm.

1. The Huckleberry Hounds of Justice

That’s Huckleberry Hound as Shield Seth Rollins, Droopy as Shield Dean Ambrose, Dinky Dog as Roman Reigns. I think most Seth Rollins promos are longer than Huckleberry Hound cartoons, but everything else is on point. You’ve got Huck battling Corporate Kane as Dinky Dalton, you’ve got Droopy beating people up with his unpredictable offense — watch any Droopy cartoon and tell me that’s not pitch-perfect — and you’ve got the BIG DOG protecting his yard. Here’s some test footage:

Plan B would be a Huckleberry Hound spinoff, where he suddenly can’t win any fights without help from Powerful Pierre, aka Jean-Paul Levesque.

2. Magglepuss


Snagglepuss is already a gay Southern playwright mountain lion (or whatever), so it wouldn’t take much to transform him into a conservative millionaire cowboy who dances too much, offends large groups of people and occasionally gets paid to beat people up.

JBL even has a catchphrase, “BAWGAME!” which isn’t too far from, “heavens to Murgatroyd.”

3. Wyatt Til Your Father Gets Home

This one’s a little more obscure. Remember the 1972-1974 animated sitcom Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, about Hanna and Barbera deciding they could draw over episodes of All In The Family and call it a new show?

Now imagine Tom Bosley’s Harry replaced by a cultist swampbilly who tells his lazy son to “run” and instructs his feminist daughter to follow the buzzards? Bonus points if Chet ever catches a Sister Abigail.

4. Yogi Bearer

Follow the morbid, Gothic National Park adventures of mortician slash slightly above average bear YOGI BEARER and his pal Boo Boo — a 7-foot tall bear who was burned in a fire and has to wear a mask to conceal his physical and emotional scars — as they try to steal a pic-a-nic urn from the Ranger. Did we mention the Ranger is also 7-feet tall and is an undead wizard?