The Hell In A Cell Finish Was Reportedly Vince McMahon’s Call, And He Knows He Messed Up

All over the internet this morning, wrestling fans are calling the finish of last night’s Main Event one of the worst WWE PPV endings of all time. Even in the arena, fans were booing and chanting for the competition when Seth Rollins was DQed in a Hell in a Cell match for attacking Bray Wyatt with a sledgehammer. This morning, some backstage details have emerged about how that finish came to be, and what the reaction was to the fan reaction.

According to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select, the finish was totally Vince McMahon’s call, as was the level of offense in the match, which included Wyatt taking 11 stomps from Rollins.

Over at Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that Vince decided to do the DQ finish because it’s important to him, as this new era begins for WWE, to have Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair as the top champions, serving as the faces of the company.

However, Sapp reported that although one backstage source told him that Vince initially laughed off the crowd reaction, others countered that he “knew he messed up” and was taking the negative crowd reaction seriously. What’s done is done, of course, but it will be interesting to say how they attempt to smooth things over with fans going forward.