WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Results

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 results. The show featured Hell in a Cell matches for the Universal and Raw Women’s Championship, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns teaming up against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper in a tornado tag team match, and more. Make sure you’re here tomorrow for the complete Best and Worst of Hell in a Cell column.

WWE Hell In A Cell Kickoff Show:

1. Natalya defeated Lacey Evans by submission with the Sharpshooter. After the match, Natalya punched Evans in the face. Natalya and Lacey Evans will now have a “last woman standing” match on Raw, for some reason.

WWE Hell In A Cell Results:

2. Hell in a Cell Match for the Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) defeated Sasha Banks. Lynch won by submission with the Disarmer after hitting a Bexploder off the ropes onto a pile of steel chairs. Watch highlights from the match here.

3. Tornado Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Reigns pinned Harper after a Superman Punch, a running knee from Bryan, and a spear.

– Boxer Tyson Fury will be on Raw to address what happened on Friday Night Smackdown.

4. Randy Orton defeated Ali. Ali countered one RKO, but rolled and jumped into another to lose the match.

5. Women’s Tag Team Championship Match: The Kabuki Warriors defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross. Asuka spit green mist into Cross’ eyes and kicked her in the head to win the match, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship for the Warriors. Watch highlights from the match here.

6. The Viking Raiders and Braun Strowman defeated The O.C. by disqualification. The O.C. were disqualified for doing too well. After the match, The Raiders did dives onto Gallows and Anderson, and Strowman countered a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles with a punch to “send a message” to Tyson Fury.

– Tamina pinned Carmella for the 24/7 Championship during a Street Profits backstage segment. She then knocked out Tyler Breeze and ran away. Later in the show, she got superkicked by Carmella (after trying to use Funaki as a human shield) and was pinned by R-Truth.

7. Chad Gable defeated King Corbin. Corbin tried to attack Gable with his scepter, but Gable ducked. As the referee was trying to remove the weapon, Gable rolled up Corbin to win the match. After the match, Greg Hamilton announced Gable as “Shorty Gable.”

8. Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Flair defeated Bayley (c). Bayley got caught trying to pin Flair with her feet on the ropes for leverage. As she was arguing with the referee, Flair hit a big boot and locked in the Figure-Eight to win the match and the championship. After the match, Bayley sat on the floor and cried. Watch highlights from that here.

9. Hell in a Cell Match for the Universal Championship: The Fiend Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins by disqualification, somehow. Rollins hit Wyatt with like a dozen Stomps and a Pedigree, but couldn’t keep him down. Rollins hit Wyatt with a chair, but he still kicked out. So Rollins piled a ladder, a chair, and a tool box on Wyatt’s face and hit him with a sledgehammer. The referee called for the bell here, and the match ended. Wyatt then came back to life, attacked Rollins, and hit a Sister Abigail on the exposed concrete floor. Loud “bullshit” and “AEW” chants. More on that here.