The Trailer For The Jetsons/WWE Movie Is As Bizarre As You Imagined

Pretty much every wrestling fan is still trying to get used to slash wrap their heads around the weird partnership between Hanna-Barbera and WWE that is now several years old. The partnership brought us a WWE/Flintstones movie, and not one, but two WWE/Scooby-Doo movies: WrestleMania Mystery and Curse of the Speed Demon. All three movies were probably better than they had any right to be, featured bizarre lineups of WWE talent, and were generally just … weird.

Having said all that, none of the previous movies appear to hold a candle to the latest and weirdest offering from WWE and Hanna-Barbera. Please feast your eyes upon the weirdness that is The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!

Now, while it’s perhaps the most accurate movie depiction of wrestling ever to have Big Show do a heel turn in the middle of the film, here’s just a brief rundown of wild stuff that happens in this sub-2:00 trailer:

  • The Big Show is the only human wrestler to survive 100 years in the future, due to Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer-style circumstances
  • The Jetsons only takes place 100 years in the future
  • Human wrestling has been outlawed 100 years in the future (sort of believable!)
  • Big Show uses his wrestling prowess to enslave humanity
  • The only recourse to save humanity’s free will is for the Jetson family to travel back in time to recruit WWE wrestlers so they can travel back into the future and defeat Big Show, rather than, like … killing Big Show in the past
  • “Uso Brothers”
  • Sheamus was legitimately the world champion when they made this movie. Like, the only one. It wasn’t even that long ago
  • Alicia Fox is in this movie
  • Seth Rollins elbow-drops a robot
  • George Jetson references The Rock after murdering a robot with his space car
  • Rosie is somehow totally cool with all this egregious robot murder

Needless to say, all of us here at With Spandex are super jazzed about this film, and not just because all of us scream “GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY THING” during the third hour of Raw each week.