Former WWE Composer Jim Johnston Isn’t Very Into The Company’s Current Music

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01.23.18 19 Comments


Back at the beginning of December, word came out that Jim Johnston, the man who composed many of the most legendary and indispensable pro wrestling theme songs of the past … however long theme songs have been a thing, was let go by WWE after three decades with the company.

Over the past several years, wrestling fans have been seeing (hearing) more and more theme songs for new Superstars being composed by the duo CFO$. They’ve composed the themes for pretty much everyone who has come up through NXT over the past … however long NXT has been a thing, and legitimately have some bangers to their credit, including the themes for Finn Bálor and Enzo and Cass.

Not everyone is a fan of CFO$ and the new direction of WWE theme music, however. Perhaps not surprisingly, that “not everyone” appears to include Jim Johnston.

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