WWE May Not Have The Rights To The Kliq Hand Gesture After All

As an update to the “giant corporation reacts poorly to thing people like that they don’t completely control” story we brought you a few days ago, WWE’s attempts to trademark the NWO hand gesture might have hit a bit of a snag.

The North Carolina State University has been using the Wolfpac kissy fingers for years, but this 2011 press release indicates that they’ve already gotten the trademark:

“The Block S went through a slight redesign a few years ago, but we still see the old version popping up. By visiting our site, you can ensure you are using the most up-to-date marks, which protects our brand,” said Zarnstorff.

Brand marks not only include the visual images like the “Block S,” Tuffy the Strutting Wolf logo, and the University seal, but also trademarked names and slogans, such as Wolfpack Women®, GoPack™, Wolf Village™, and even the “Wolfie” hand gesture.” – NSCU.edu

WWE could be allowed to proceed if it’s determined that they’re using it for a different realm of industry than NCSU. WWE has adamantly avoided any association with being considered a “real sport” (those have rules and regulations, the horror!), so it’s still possible for them to continue their quest to make sure nobody ever enjoys themselves ever.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy those endearing, but incredibly obnoxious dudes who make remnants of WWE’s dead stables more enjoyable than they ever were while I still can. Is there an appropriate hand gesture for that?