Here Are Your 2020 Men’s And Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winners

Fan-favorite performers won both the men’s and women’s Money In The Bank ladder matches this year, and both wins managed to screw over King Corbin.

While the other matches on the 2020 MITB PPV took place in the Performance Center, the show’s namesake matches went down at WWE headquarters, Titan Towers in Stamford, Connecticut. To win the match, a wrestler had to reach the roof of the build and climb a ladder in the wrestling ring on the roof to unhook a Money In The Bank briefcase. That wasn’t the only unique thing about them: the men’s and women’s matches also took place at the same time, an element that played into one of the finishes.

The men (Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black, King Corbin, Otis, and AJ Styles) started their match in the fitness center of the building, while the women (Asuka, Lacey Evans, Nia Jax, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, and Dana Brooke) began by a bank of elevators. The groups of WWE Superstars briefly ran into each other as they fought through hallways and conference rooms, engaging in an intergender food fight and some actual intergender wrestling when Baszler choked out Mysterio.

Nia Jax and Asuka were the first two wrestlers to reach the roof, soon joined by Lacey Evans. Asuka managed to take out both of her opponents, but faced another obstacle in King Corbin, the first man to reach the ring. Corbin started fighting Asuka for the chance to reach one of the two briefcases first, but she knocked him off the ladder and unhooked the women’s white briefcase for the win. You can check out that finish here:

After the women’s match wrapped up, Otis arrived at the ring, but his weight was an issue for the ladder, as people who tuned in for the last Smackdown before MITB had seen. As Otis hesitated to climb, Corbin recovered enough to attack him, and soon the rest of the men joined the possibly deadly rooftop fight.

Eventually, both Styles and Corbin were close to grabbing the case when Elias showed up and hit Corbin with his guitar, knocking him off the ladder. Styles had a hold of the briefcase, but the impact caused him to fumble it. The briefcase fell into the arms of Otis, who shouted out a Rocky-esque “Yo, Mandy!” in his show-closing celebration.