Mia Yim Has Reportedly Signed With WWE


Former Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion and two-time Mae Young Classic competitor Mia Yim has officially signed with WWE, according to PWInsider.com. There had already been speculation that this was the case, because she’s recently been spotted in some videos of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. According to PWInsider, the woman formerly knowns as Jade officially began her full-time WWE career on September 16.

We don’t know much yet about what Mia’s future with the company looks like. She’ll most likely spend some time in NXT, but considering her nine years of wrestling experience, including some of those years wrestling on TV for Impact, she ought to be main roster ready pretty soon. Of course, the other question is whether or not there’s room for her on either roster, considering how many women already have trouble getting time for storylines and matches. Still, Yim is talented in the ring and radiates pure charisma, so she’ll be a star in no time given half a chance.

Just last week, the Mae Young Classic featured a great first round match between Mia Yim and Allysin “Sienna” Kay, who she’d faced before in Impact and elsewhere. Kay was freshly back in the ring after a truly terrifying health crisis involving blood clots in her lungs. In an interview with Women’s Wrestling Weekly, Allysin expressed how glad she was that her first match back was with Mia, something she never expected to happen in a WWE ring.

I did not think that they would book that match. I don’t know why, I guess because maybe they would think, this match has already been done in another place — several other places… We both were former Knockouts, we were both former Knockouts Champions, I don’t know. So I didn’t know if they’d want to put that together or not. We have really good chemistry, and I’m so happy that they did. It was really a blessing. Even though I would prefer for that maybe to be an opponent down the line in the Classic — that’s a really tough opponent to start off with — but it was also a blessing in a way, because it’s someone I’m familiar with, and that was my first match back in seven months.

We don’t know where Allysin Kay is headed next, although in that same interview she says she’s still on good terms with Impact, but there’s always the possibility she’ll turn up at NXT too. In the meantime, we can all look forward to Mia Yim wrestling on our TV screens again before too very long.