Finn Balor Made A Surprise Appearance At NXT UK TakeOver


WWE‘s first-ever NXT UK TakeOver got off to a dramatic start with the crowning of the inaugural NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and it didn’t calm down from there. Up next was a grudge match between Jordan Devlin and Travis Banks that was jeopardized before the show by Devlin attacking Banks in the lobby of a hotel.

After a clip of that attack played and Banks entered, Devlin attacked the already-weakened New Zealander before the bell. The Irish Ace hurt him so badly that officials called off the match altogether.

It turned out, however, that General Manager Johnny Saint, who knew what to expect from Devlin at this point, had an alternative ready in case this match had to be called off, an alternative some might say was just too sweet.

Finn Balor, Devlin’s trainer and an important player in the European indie wrestling scene before he signed with the original NXT in 2014, turned out to be “plan B,” and the crowd could not have been more hyped. The teacher vs. student battle also popped the wrestling internet and got #NXTTakeOverUK trending #1 worldwide.

The ensuing, impromptu match was a crowd-pleaser for the live audience, and will almost definitely get more eyes on NXT UK TakeOvers in the future.