WWE Is Planning An All-Women’s Tournament, And It Could Happen Early Next Year

Rumors of an all-women’s tournament in WWE have been quietly batted around for the last few months, but now it looks like it’s going to become a reality. Much like they scouted for the Cruiserweight Classic, WWE has been on the lookout for independent female talent to bring on board for a showcase tournament highlighting the best female athletes pro wrestling has to offer.

WrestlingInc shared the news that the tournament could take place as early as the first quarter of 2017. If they manage to pull this off, it could be one of the most exciting things WWE has done in a long time.

WWE changed up how they approach the use of outside talent, allowing wrestlers like Samoa Joe and James Storm to perform on television without being under an official contract. Once that precedent was set, it paved the way for the critically adored Cruiserweight Classic. Not only did that tournament introduce viewers to some of the biggest names in independent wrestling, but helped set the standard for what WWE hopes to accomplish with their new Cruiserweight division. By doing the same kind of thing, but with unsigned female talent, it will help further put the stamp on the direction the company is trying to take in equalizing their women’s divisions.