Get Ready To Spend Even More Time Watching WWE Pay-Per-Views

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02.16.18 8 Comments


A couple of years ago, WWE started elongating its major pay-per-views. It started by making WrestleMania a four-hour event, and then a six-hour event including the pre-show. When WrestleMania 34 finally rolls around, it will probably end up clocking in close to last year’s eight-hour-plus event.

WWE has also beefed up its other “major” events in the past two years, with Royal Rumble, SumerSlam and even Survivor Series getting the six-hour treatment. That may be too long. It’s probably too long. But there’s no sign of it ending.

This week, there was a report that WWE will be moving to dual-branded PPVs following WrestleMania. I half-jokingly suggested that this would mean four-hour PPVs all around going forward.

I am so sorry, everyone.

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