Raw 25 Delivered WWE’s Best Ratings In Three Years

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01.24.18 13 Comments


It’s two days after WWE’s big celebration of the 25th anniversary of Raw, and frankly, we’re still doing our best to process the whole thing. Raw 25 was heavy on nostalgia and star power — by which we almost exclusively mean the stars of the past — and thanks to their efforts in promotion and treating the event like a suitably big deal, it’s clear the aim was to target the casual or lapsed fan right as we’re about to embark on the Road to WrestleMania.

The Best and Worst of Raw thoroughly investigates the double edged sword of trading so hard on nostalgia, but pretty much everyone can agree that Raw 25, despite doing everything in its power to bring in new or missing eyeballs, didn’t do a great job of explaining to those eyeballs and earholes that the Royal Rumble is on Sunday, and why viewers should be excited about that.

The last time we checked in with the Raw ratings was prior to the Survivor Series, when things received a decent bump all the way up to a three-hour average of just over three million viewers. Well, as you might expect, Raw 25 did better than that. A whole lot better.

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