Mick Foley Yelled So Hard At Sami Zayn That His Fake Teeth Flew Out

During Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw, there was a brief moment of panic among wrestling fans, as it appeared Mick Foley lost a tooth while yelling at Sami Zayn. Well, dial down your cringe meter, because it was only his dental bridge, not his actual teeth. Whew.

Yep, those are his replacement teeth for the bottom grill he lost while being thrown off and then through the Hell in a Cell cage by the Undertaker way back when. You know the match.

As for what got Foley so worked up, the Raw general manager was angry at Sami Zayn for being angry at him for stopping Braun Strowman for beating him up, after Mick made a match between Zayn and Strowman last week as a punishment for failing to capture the Intercontinental title. Foley then immediately felt bad that he set up the match, and told Zayn that he has no chance of ever beating Strowman. You know; typical wrestling stuff.