Check Out WWE Raw’s New Theme Song And Updated Graphics

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It’s been a pretty awesome week for WWE. Over the weekend, they put on two very successful special events, NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia and the Royal Rumble. Maybe you heard about that last one today on every mainstream news program, thanks to Ronda Rousey showing up.

But really, the buzz started last Monday, when WWE celebrated the 25th anniversary of their flagship program Monday Night Raw with the star-studded Raw 25. The broadcast delivered Raw’s best ratings in three years, and despite some unhappy fans, it was a generally well-received show.

Typically, you give someone silver for their 25th anniversary, but seeing as how Raw is a TV show and not a person (though corporations are people, which makes this even trickier), WWE has given the show an updated logo and graphics. For example:

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But wait, there’s more: Raw has a new theme song, too! So long, Shinedown’s “Enemies.” Say hello to Raw’s new theme, by none other than … Aw man, Papa Roach?

“Born For Greatness” was used as bumper music throughout Raw tonight, and will presumably serve as Raw’s main theme song for its new opening title sequence (which was skipped this week).

This isn’t Papa Roach’s first time soundtracking Raw — their song ” … To Be Loved” previously served as Raw’s theme song from October 2006 to November 2009. They are the first band to ever have more than one song be used as a main theme for Raw.

The plus side is this means now we have an excuse to revisit our definitive ranking of all WWE Raw theme songs and see where this new one sits. (It’s no “Thorn In Your Eye,” that’s for sure.)