WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/9/12: Welcome Back, Every Previous Wrestler

Here is a quick list of things that happened on Raw that I would’ve loved to have seen, had I not been trapped in an airport trying to get home from WrestleMania 28:

– Brock Lesnar making his return to WWE to trounce Giant Starbucks Logo John Cena

– The debut of Lord Tensai, who incapacitated Alex Riley with his Mighty Spit-hand

– The return of Abraham Washington, a low-level guy from FCW/WWECW of whom I may be the Internet’s biggest and most vocal fan.

– Mark Henry being awesome again.

– YES~ chants overtaking WWE.

What’s in store for this week’s show:

– The Three Stooges host.

Heaven help me.

– Remember, the top 10 comments from tonight’s discussion will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, and no, Watchmen references are not automatically included (just kidding, they totally are).

To nominate a comment you’ve found particularly funny for inclusion as one of the top 10 comments of the week, please reply to it with a +1. Using +1 instead of +something else (like the ever-popular +Rhodes) makes it easier to find them later, but if you gotta +Rhodes something, who am I to stop you?

So, what’s going down on Raw tonight?

[photo credit WWE.com]