The Definitive Ranking Of WWE Monday Night Raw Opening Themes Is Like A Thorn In Your Eye

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07.27.16 42 Comments

On Monday, WWE Raw entered a “new era” of programming with new authority figures, a new roster, a new set, new visual presentation, a new announce team and, perhaps most importantly, a new opening theme. It got us thinking about all the songs that’ve opened Raw in the past, so, because we are on the internet, we decided to lay them all out and rank them from worst to best.

These are our choices, and our explanations. If you like the list or disagree with it to the point of wanting to fight us in real life, drop down into our comments section and let us know how you’d rank them. We’re really hoping to get an outpouring of Papa Roach fans in here.


10. I Like It Raw

Performed By: Jim Johnston
Years Used: part of 1995
Most Aggro Lyric: “No doubt about it, make it a law! I like it raw!”

You probably don’t remember this one, but it’s so bad it made Shawn Michaels want to jump off a building. One part vague Jim Johnston butt rock, one part mid-’90s country, one part Roseanne theme song, “I Like It Raw” was only used for part of 1995 until someone actually listened to it and changed it back.

I do like that the accompanying clip is sort of the precursor to the Attitude Era “walk into the exploding warehouse and start punching people” open. Why is there an illegal, sparsely-attended battle royal happening in the parking lot of an office building, and why is Goldust watching from afar?

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