WWE Reportedly Fined The Referee Over The WrestleMania Main Event Finish

04.10.19 3 months ago


There’s been a lot of controversy online about the finish of the Winner-Takes-All Match for the WWE Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships in the main event of WrestleMania 35. It’s true that Ronda’s shoulders came off the mat while Becky was pinning her, and the ref kept counting anyway. With Corey Graves bringing that up on commentary, it’s understandable that people assumed it was part of the story. But now Raw and Smackdown have both happened without it being brought up again, and Ronda appears to be taking a break for who knows how long, as she deals with a broken hand and enjoys the time off she was reportedly already planning. So it seems a lot more like it was a legitimate mistake and the pin was meant to be valid, which is not to say they can’t bring it up again when Ronda returns and wants to restart her feud with Becky.

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