WWE Is Reportedly Trying To Book Cain Velasquez Versus Brock Lesnar

Since UFC fighter Cain Velasquez made his pro wrestling debut this summer, multiple wrestling companies have reportedly been working to recruit him. Velasquez met with New Japan Pro Wrestling officials in August and has expressed interest in working with All Elite Wrestling, which would also keep him available to make appearances for AAA, the lucha libre company he’s been wrestling for so far, due to a partnership between the organizations. However, industry giant WWE has been courting Velasquez as well and, according to MMAFighting, they have a specific match in mind for him, the pro wrestling version of a UFC 121 rematch against Brock Lesnar.

In AAA, Velasquez has been wearing a mask and performing acrobatic lucha libre moves shocking for someone of his age, experience level, and size, along with some MMA-inspired techniques. WWE is reportedly only interested in him wrestling in a more realistic style and would build him up as a threat to Lesnar, who Velasquez defeated by knockout in 2010 in UFC and who might be WWE Champion pretty soon.

Velasquez’s UFC contract could reportedly be an obstacle to this, though it has allowed him to make appearances for AAA. Still, there are clearly a lot of options for Velasquez in the pro wrestling world and clearly companies are prepared to make the MMA star some juicy offers.