Two WWE Superstars Reportedly Have Loads Of Backstage Heat Right Now

SummerSlam is in the books, and it sure looks like we might be hurtling headlong into another Superstar Shake-Up, starting with John Cena, free agent extraordinaire, popping up over on Raw on Monday night after trouncing Baron Corbin. But more on that in a moment. Among the rumors swirling for a Shake-Up is the possibility that, along with potential NXT call-ups, some Superstars might be moving back down to NXT, where they can be better utilized.

One of the people being considered for a lateral move of this type is Enzo Amore, who has apparently been ruffling feathers backstage for months now. The guy got kicked off the WWE bus, and is reportedly just great at digging himself a deeper hole at all times. But although he may be public heatseeker No. 1 backstage, it appears he now has some company in the doghouse.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, both Amore and Baron Corbin have big-time heat backstage and Corbin, in particular, may be getting punished by being made to drop his Money in the Bank briefcase last Tuesday and lose in a lackluster match to Cena at SummerSlam.

“He’s definitely being punished. There’s not even a question now. Even if he lost the match … I was expecting him to lose the match, because it’s John Cena, but I didn’t expect him to lose that kind of a match. This was a match where you’re an afterthought. There’s ways to do it where you protect him, and there’s a million ways that they can do that, and they didn’t do any of it. It was just like, ‘You’re an afterthought, buddy. You’re not in our plans, you’re just a guy.’

“If they call up Bobby Roode and put him on Smackdown, I think that [Corbin’s spot] might be a spot that he gets. Who knows? Vince still thinks a lot of him, and he’s got potential … They didn’t do him any favors at all [at SummerSlam], and they didn’t do him any favors on Tuesday, either.”

Meltzer believes the match Corbin and Cena had on Sunday was even deliberately laid out so Corbin wouldn’t get any benefits from it.

“The Cena-Corbin match, for a John Cena match on a pay-per-view … they didn’t give Baron Corbin a chance to have a bad match with John Cena. And it really wasn’t bad, but for a John Cena match on pay-per-view, I would say it’s in the bottom 10 percent, easy, of John Cena matches on pay-per-view. It just wasn’t good at all … It was laid out to be not even a good match. It’s not like they laid out a good match and Baron Corbin was in the wrong position, or they were having communication problems, or timing problems. … They went out there, they did almost nothing, and that was it.”

Meltzer said that Corbin and Enzo were the two people in hot water, and for Amore, his heat backstage is worse than it’s ever been.

“Him and Enzo. Him and Enzo. Everybody hates Enzo. We used to talk about [the heat on him], but it’s way worse now. I don’t really know what happened in the last two weeks, other than it magnified, but there you go.”

Everybody Hates Enzo would be a great concept for a WWE Network show, but we all know the Network is cutting costs. It can’t cost that much to have people throw eggs at Amore in front of a backdrop, right? IF I HAD A DIME FOR EVERY TIME SOMEONE DIDN’T THROW AN EGG AT ME, etc.