Zoinks! WWE Finally Made Another Scooby-Doo Movie

Back in 2014, WWE and Warner Bros. teamed up to create “Scooby-Doo: WrestleMania Mystery,” a movie that I received as a joke gift from my girlfriend for Christmas and still have yet to unwrap from its plastic covering.

I’ll have to watch it soon, though, or else I won’t be caught up in time to see the sequel: “Scooby-Doo and the Curse of the Speed Demon,” which was officially announced on Tuesday and will be released on Blu-ray and DVD this summer.

If you remember, a sequel to the original film that starred WWE legends such as Santino Marella and Brodus Clay was originally announced in November of 2014, and was supposed to star Hulk Hogan. That’s not happening anymore because, reasons, so WWE and WB had to start up with a brand new idea that didn’t involve any overt racists. Thankfully, the crisis has apparently been averted and the film is still coming out.

We don’t know much about the movie just yet, but based on the posters, it looks like The Undertaker, Triple H, and Paige will be making appearances, and the Mystery Machine is going to turn into… a Transformer or something?

I’m sure this film will be Oscar-worthy, but it still doesn’t get me nearly as excited as a bunch of WWE superstars playing penguin versions of themselves in Surf’s Up 2.