Stephanie McMahon Offered Her Take On AEW And Competition In Wrestling

06.21.19 1 month ago


For better or worse, a lot of wrestling fans are as interested in how WWE reacts to the arrival of AEW on the wrestling scene as they are in how AEW does at creating their own wrestling product. It made news a month ago when backstage reports said that Stephanie McMahon had mentioned the new promotion in a speech to the roster, even as Booker T discussed the oncoming possibility of competition in terms of “war.” WWE even let Sami Zayn namedrop AEW on Raw a couple of days after their wildly successful first PPV, Double Or Nothing. There were rumors at the time that it was his unplanned adlib, but now that almost a month has passed and he doesn’t seem to have gotten in trouble, surely we can admit that it had to be scripted. Now Stephanie McMahon has gone on the record with a quick take on the situation.

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