Jon Stewart Will Once Again Appear At WWE SummerSlam

Last year, Jon Stewart — longtime massive WWE fan and arch frenemy of Seth Rollins — served as the special guest host of SummerSlam, the second-biggest event of the year for WWE. During Monday night’s episode of Raw, general manager Mick Foley announced that the former Daily Show host would once again be attending the biggest party of the summer, coming as a guest of the GM and Raw commissioner (or COO, or whatever) Stephanie McMahon.

Stewart’s role is likely to be a lot less involved than last year, where he opened the show, appeared throughout, and then got extremely involved in the co-main event, when he blasted John Cena with a chair to cost Cena his United States Championship and a shot at Rollins’ WWE Championship. Don’t worry, though; Stewart got his comeuppance the next night on Raw, when he got Attitude Adjusted by Cena for his impudence.

Of course, you also can’t rule out Stewart getting involved, since Rollins will once again be in a high-profile match, this time to crown the inaugural Universal Champion. Is Jon Stewart with a chair the ultimate answer to a demon-possessed Finn Bálor?

No. No, it probably isn’t. But it sure is fun to dream, isn’t it?