Watch Randy Orton Get His Head Stapled Back Together After WWE SummerSlam

By now, you’ve almost certainly heard that Randy Orton needed 10 staples in his frigging scalp after being cut open by a pair of Brock Lesnar elbows at the SummerSlam pay-per-view. The main event ended with Orton losing via TKO when he couldn’t continue following BROCK LESNAR BUSTING HIS DANG HEAD WIDE OPEN FOR REALSIES.

The PPV ended in one of the most shockingly violent ways we’ve ever seen, although fans were super duper pissed that SummerSlam ended on an anticlimactic note for the second year in a row. Get over it, Barclays.

Anyway, WWE was kind enough to release a full video of Orton getting his headface reassembled for your viewing enjoyment. You can watch that above. It’s surprisingly non-disgusting. It turns out that WWE black-and-white filter to mask the blood actually works! Who knew?

Orton will likely be on Smackdown Live on Tuesday night to talk about getting his melon completely cracked apart, but it seems unlikely he’ll be in action. You know, on account of his entire world got destroyed on Sunday night.

In conclusion,