Can WWE Superstar The Miz Accurately Predict The NBA Championship Winner Two Years In A Row?

Is WWE Superstar The Miz brash and unreasonably presumptuous, or the Biff Tannen of pro wrestling when it comes to determining NBA outcomes? Or both? Yeah, it’s definitely both.

Last season, not once but twice the then-intercontinental Champion went on ESPN and proclaimed that the Cavaliers would bring an NBA Championship home to Cleveland. People were skeptical — myself included — given Cleveland’s long history of…well, being Cleveland, but two months later the Superstar watched the Warriors blow a 3-1 series lead to give his hometown team the championship he so brazenly predicted all season long.

Before the start of the current season, we spoke to The Miz at the WWE 2K17 launch party to put his basketball prescience to the test and see if he could again accurately predict an NBA final.

Now, we might be jumping the gun a little as the Toronto Raptors are trying their very best to pull an upset and oust LeBron and the Cavs from the playoffs, but they’re already down 2-0, and historically Toronto sports teams just don’t know how to have nice things. Miz was just as cocksure as ever, calling for back to back title wins.

If the Cavaliers can pull it off, let’s hope that winning spirit rubs off on the Cleveland native and he can get his Intercontinental belt back too.