Remembering The Most Bizarre Quotes From The Very First WWE Survivor Series

11.14.17 3 months ago 5 Comments

Survivor Series debuted on Thanksgiving day, 1987. To celebrate 30 years of the annual pay-per-view event, we’ve pulled together a list of the weirdest things said either backstage or on commentary at the inaugural event. You can watch the event on the WWE Network here.

WWE Network

Before we hit the first of what would be every chaotic backstage segment, this column’s two main characters, Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon, are introduced. The commentators prep us for the matches and, considering this is the history-making first-ever Survivor Series, they must go over the “ways of eliminations.”

All of them make sense, of course, but Gorilla’s slight stumble over rule No. 5 adds to the awkwardness of it. He says this rule is “most important” and that the referees can “eliminate, at their discretion, any team member, due to injury.” Sounds fishy to me, you guys.

WWE Network

Before the first match is underway, Ricky Steamboat says they are all here because they are survivors. Hacksaw Jim Duggan bulldozes in with “there will be a Survivor tonight”. Mean Gene is trying his very best to keep it all together but it’s extremely chaotic, save for the moment captured above where everyone is doing their pose at the exact same time before having absolutely piss-poor communication skills, yelling and stumbling all over each other.

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