Braun Strowman Redefined ‘Piano Man’ In Raw’s ‘Symphony Of Destruction’

USA Network

If you’ve watched WWE Raw over the past year or so, you know that Braun Strowman is the best thing about the show, the company, and probably life in general right now.

Strowman has wowed us all with his numerous feats of strength, but a couple of weeks ago he sparked an instant-classic feud with Elias when he appeared in an instant-classic segment to strum an orchestral bass like a guitar and then smash Elias over the back with said orchestral bass.

To ramp things up this week, advertised on Monday that Raw would feature a “Symphony of Destruction” match between the two men, which would later be upgraded to a Falls Count Anywhere Symphony of Destruction match. No one really knew what that sort of match would entail, but pretty much everyone guessed it would involve Strowman smashing lots of instruments. Guess what: we were right!

Leading into the match, commentator Corey Graves made sure to quote entire swaths of Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction,” and Elias entertained everyone prior to Strowman’s entrance by proving he is multi-talented, tickling the ivories and playing a rudimentary drum beat. He was ramping up to present a concert to the audience, but when the lights went down, Elias attempted to high-tail it out of the arena.

When he got to his car, however, there was a bit of bother.

Strowman chased Elias back into the arena, and then the Symphony of Destruction finally began in earnest. There was another bass smashed. And also a piano.

Normally, we would say there’s nothing that can top Braun Strowman sarcastically playing a piano. But he’s Braun Strowman. Of course he’ll find a way to top that.