Behold The Glorious Dueling TakeOver Entrances Of Bobby Roode And Shinsuke Nakamura

Ever since he came to NXT, Bobby Roode has become a cult sensation solely on the quality of his entrance theme song, “Glorious Domination.” Well, not SOLELY, but it’s certainly been a huge part of his appeal to a section of the audience who may not have been as familiar with him otherwise. He took his first TakeOver entrance very seriously, using a scissor lift to take him to the heavens. So when his main event match against Shinsuke Nakamura at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio became official, fans instantly became anxious to see an entrance battle for the ages.

Nakamura, as you may remember, is hardly an entrance slouch. He brought the house down with his NXT debut, one of the coolest basic entrances and themes in all of wrestling. Then he rebuilt the house and exploded it with his live violin-player entrance at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. And then he did another violin thing at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, but that’s not important right now.

What IS important is that they finally had their entrances face each other on Saturday night for the NXT Championship (I’m pretty sure it was decided via entrances), and they didn’t disappoint.

First, Bobby Roode’s entrance was even more glorious than normal, because of PRETTY LADIES.

Then, Nakamura had the final word in the entrance battle death match as HE RODE TO THE RING ON A STROBE LIGHT FLOAT.

Yeah, game, set, match: Nakamura. Still, overall, I would say everything was sufficiently glorious. Well done, gents. And well done to all the San Antonio sing-along-ers. You were in fine voice this evening.