The Undertaker’s First Non-WWE Appearance Is Somehow At Starrcast II


When the news broke that the Undertaker had removed mentions of WWE from his social media and was taking bookings elsewhere (at $25K an hour!) the natural reactions from wrestling fans were the mostly-joking “Does this mean I can get him for my kid’s birthday party?” and the slightly-less-joking, “Could he show up in AEW?”

It turns out that though the Dead Man is not #AllElite, he is making his first non-WWE appearance at the closest thing to Double or Nothing without being on Double or Nothing, wrestling podcast convention Starrcast II. It hasn’t been announced yet if he’ll have a panel like, for example, Lita’s on women’s wrestling or “An Evening With” Cody and the Young Bucks, but Starrcast founder Conrad Thompson says that “the Undertaker experience is its own standalone experience at Starrcast” and expects it to sell out, so it sounds like ‘Taker will be doing more than just taking pictures and signing autographs.

Given that the convention also includes guests like Ric Flair, Jonathan Coachman, and Jerry Lawler, appearing at it clearly does not signal a jump from WWE to AEW. However, it’s way more fun to guess who the Undertaker could wrestle at Double or Nothing instead. Aja Kong doesn’t have a match yet! Joey Janela doesn’t have a match yet! The blurred-out graphic of Cody’s mystery opponent didn’t appear to have a hat or beard, but Photoshop can do crazy things these days! Given that there are still reportedly no plans for him at WrestleMania 35, why not?