10 Important Thoughts About WWE’s Official Top 10 Superstars Of 2017

12.29.17 5 months ago 12 Comments


WWE.com has released their list of 10 Superstars who defined 2017 so naturally we’re pulling up right behind them with a list of our own. It’s sort of a recap of the past 365 days of pro wrestling, and kind of a review of WWE’s list, disguised as a list of its own.

So with the credits rolling on Christmas and the final Best and Worst of 2017 in the books, let’s go over 10 important thoughts about WWE’s official top 10 Superstars of 2017.

The Usos And The New Day Should Each Get Their Own Spot On This List

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While in some ways it makes sense to pair these two squads. The length of their feud, combined with the quality of their matches is a bag of seeds for a future WWE Network special. And sure, maybe The Usos and The New Day is the tag team, millennial equivalent of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. For list-making purposes, we get it. But these guys were so good they each deserve a spot on the Top 10. If you’re making us choose, give us The Usos, who had the best rebrand of the year.

Braun Strowman’s Stunts Deserve Their Own Spot On This List


On one hand, it’s understandable to smoosh everything Braun did this year into one entry on the list like bullets getting smooshed in a chamber. (I don’t know how guns work.) But WWE is all about jumping off the page, grabbing the brass ring, and ruthless aggression, so we’ve got a scorching-hot take that falls in line: both Strowman’s in-ring work and his actions out of the ring deserve a spot on this list.

Garbage trucks, ambulances, cages, rings, things that hold rings together, none of them survived Braun. Neither did most of his opponents or social media snark. The monster destroyed them all.

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