WWE Held Another Massive Performance Center Tryout Camp


Every couple of months, WWE invites dozens of wrestlers and athletes to the WWE Performance Center for a multi-day tryout, where they’ll be put through their paces in workouts, ring work, exhibition matches for the more experienced wrestlers, and presentation and promo demonstrations. The last time we got wind of a big tryout class was back in October, when Madison Rayne, Alexander Hammerstone, and others were among the known independent names giving it their all.

It’s still sort of shocking that WWE continues to hold these massive tryouts, considering there are currently right around 100 wrestlers in the Performance Center or under developmental contracts at the moment (including NXT), and … nowhere near enough television time or NXT Live Events to give that amount of people decent time in front of audiences. But the system works, probably!

WWE.com has the full skinny on 37(!) of the names that attended the camp, but here are the most notable: