WWE Wants To Help The New England Patriots Cheat To Win The Super Bowl

If you’re one of those weirdos who watches REAL sports, you’ll know how well the NFL’s booked this year’s Super Bowl. The New England Patriots are a heel dynasty taking every shortcut they can to win, whether it’s illegal use of video equipment or deflating footballs. The Seattle Seahawks are brash and loud but entertaining, beloved by their fans and being treated unfairly by an evil authority figure. If the Patriots get distracted by the Indianapolis Colts and lose the game, it’ll be perfect WWE booking.

Because WWE loves a cheater, they got some of their most notorious heels — in this case The Miz, Lana, JBL and Dean Ambrose — to give the Patriots advice on cheating to win. Roger Goodell would describe it as “making an impact” and “having ruthless aggression.” My only complaint is that the video’s not 10 times longer, and doesn’t feature Nikki Bella suggesting, “have another team dress up like you and switch places near the end.”