Former WCW Champion Big Van Vader Claims He Only Has Two Years Left To Live

The Man They Call Vader is, of course, very well known to wrestling fans. Heck, thanks to his legendary turn on “Boy Meets World,” he’s well known to an entire generation of television watchers. He’s a legendary pro wrestler, a god in Japan, and has really never stayed too far out of the public eye thanks to his willingness to always be outspoken.

Last year, Vader got himself back in incredible shape, and he was in competition just a few months ago, when his Twitter feud with indie megastar Will Ospreay turned into a real-life wrestling match. But the man himself announced on social media Monday night that he had received a terminal diagnoses from two different doctors regarding his congestive heart failure, and he now has only two years to live.

Vader spent some time retweeting and responding to people sending him well wishes and words of encouragement before restating his announcement in a slightly different way.

People have certainly proved diagnoses wrong before, and maybe it’s possible for Vader to reverse course and get treatment to prolong his life. We hope that will be the case here and that the 3-time IWGP and WCW champ sticks around for a very long time. Heck, he hasn’t even made a “Girl Meets World” guest appearance yet!