The WWE Women’s Tournament Has Taping Dates And A Rollout Plan

Little by little, details continue to trickle out about WWE’s upcoming women’s tournament. We know that WWE has been scouting wrestlers all over the world for the tournament for some time, and that they’re still working on locking up talent to fill out the brackets. The last we heard, the tapings were being planned to begin in July, and now we’re hearing things are a little more specific.

PWInsider reports that the tournament will tape at Full Sail, which we expected, and that there are two taping dates set: July 13 and July 14, and that the live finale will take place on Tuesday, August 29. It’s possible that more taping dates will be added — after all, the Cruiserweight Classic was spread out over four taping dates.

The most interesting wrinkle from the new report is that WWE apparently plans to release all of the episodes of the women’s tournament — or at least all of the taped episodes — at once, so that fans will be able to binge-watch everything leading up to the live finale. That’s certainly an interesting approach, and it definitely sounds appealing to be able to watch the opening rounds at your own pace, instead of waiting for the next weekly installment.

At any rate, we’re just looking forward to the tournament finally getting underway.