WWE Worlds Collide 2019 Results


WWE streamed Worlds Collide in two installments on February 2 on their YouTube channel and the WWE Network. The tournament featured fifteen male superstars from NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live battling it out for a shot at the championship of their choosing, and ended up featuring a lot of inter-brand matches. Quick, editorial-free results and spoilers for WWE Worlds Collide are below.

WWE Worlds Collide Results:

Morning stream:

1. First-round match: Drew Gulak defeated Mark Andrews.

2. First-round match: Keith Lee defeated Travis Banks.

3. First-round match: Adam Cole defeated Shane Thorne.

4. First-round match: Dominik Dijakovic defeated TJP.

5. First-round match: Tyler Bate defeated Cedric Alexander.

6. First-round match: Velveteen Dream defeated Tony Nese.

7. Quarter-final match: Adam Cole defeated Keith Lee.

8. Quarter-final match: Tyler Bate defeated Dominik Dijakovic.

9. Quarter-final match: Velveteen Dream defeated Humberto Carrillo.

8 pm ET stream:

1. Over-the-top battle royal to determine the tournament’s seeding: Jordan Devlin won the match to earn himself a bye for the first round by eliminating Velveteen Dream.

2. First-round match: Humberto Carrillo defeated Zack Gibson.

3. Quarter-final match: Jordan Devlin defeated Drew Gulak.

4. Semi-final match: Tyler Bate defeated Adam Cole with the Tyler Driver ’97.

5. Semi-final match: Velveteen Dream defeated Jordan Devlin. Dream pinned Devlin after a Purple Rainmaker. This set up an NXT vs. NXT UK, babyface vs. babyface battle for the final in both wrestlers’ fifth match of the tournament.

6: Final match: Velveteen Dream defeated Tyler Bate. Dream, with injured ribs, pinned Bate after he countered a Super Tyler Driver and landed a Purple Rainmaker elbow drop.

Dream didn’t challenge a specific champion after the match, but he’s on the opposite side of a six-man tag team match with two of NXT’s during halftime of the Super Bowl, so maybe that could be used to build to something! Or maybe you read some spoilers and you already know, sort of, where this all goes.

What did you think of the tournament? Were there any standout matches to you? Let us know in the comments.