WWE Worlds Collide 2019 Results


WWE streamed Worlds Collide in two installments on February 2 on their YouTube channel and the WWE Network. The tournament featured fifteen male superstars from NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live battling it out for a shot at the championship of their choosing, and ended up featuring a lot of inter-brand matches. Quick, editorial-free results and spoilers for WWE Worlds Collide are below.

WWE Worlds Collide Results:

Morning stream:

1. First-round match: Drew Gulak defeated Mark Andrews.

2. First-round match: Keith Lee defeated Travis Banks.

3. First-round match: Adam Cole defeated Shane Thorne.

4. First-round match: Dominik Dijakovic defeated TJP.

5. First-round match: Tyler Bate defeated Cedric Alexander.

6. First-round match: Velveteen Dream defeated Tony Nese.

7. Quarter-final match: Adam Cole defeated Keith Lee.

8. Quarter-final match: Tyler Bate defeated Dominik Dijakovic.

9. Quarter-final match: Velveteen Dream defeated Humberto Carrillo.

8 pm ET stream:

1. Over-the-top battle royal to determine the tournament’s seeding: Jordan Devlin won the match to earn himself a bye for the first round by eliminating Velveteen Dream.

2. First-round match: Humberto Carrillo defeated Zack Gibson.

3. Quarter-final match: Jordan Devlin defeated Drew Gulak.

4. Semi-final match: Tyler Bate defeated Adam Cole with the Tyler Driver ’97.

5. Semi-final match: Velveteen Dream defeated Jordan Devlin. Dream pinned Devlin after a Purple Rainmaker. This set up an NXT vs. NXT UK, babyface vs. babyface battle for the final in both wrestlers’ fifth match of the tournament.